Course Specifications based on Thai Qualifications Framework (TQF. 3-4) Revised 2015

Last Update
IGS1101 Introduction to Psychology

IGS1102 Man and Global Society

IGS1103 Thai Traditional Ways of Life Appreciation

IGS1104 Arts and Music Appreciation

IGS1105 Thai Society and Culture

IGS1106 Southeast Asia Studies

IGS1107 Introduction to ASEAN

IGL1101 English for Communication and Study Skills

IGL1102 Communicating in English

IGL1103 English Composition for Daily Life

IGL1104 English Composition for Business

IGL2119 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills in English

IGL2120 Discourse English for Communication

IGM1101 Business Mathematics

IGM1102 Introduction to Information Technology

IGM1103 Science in Daily Life

IGM1110 Creative Thinking and Decision Making

IGM1111 World Environment

IGM1104 Aerobic Dancing

IGM1105 Ballroom Dancing

IGM1106 Self-Defense

IGM1107 Swimming

IGM1108 Tennis

IGM1109 Yoga and Meditation

HHM1201 Introduction to Hotel Industry

HHM1202 Introduction to Lodging and Restaurant Business

HHM1203 Service Psychology

HHM1204 Professional Ethics and Laws for Hospitality Industry

HHM2205 Consumer Behavior in Hospitality Industry

HHM2206 Cross Culture Communication in Hospitality Industry

HHM2207 Personality Development for Hospitality Industry

HHM2208 Information Technology for Hotel and Restaurant

HHM2209 English Communicative for Personnel in Hospitality Industry

HHM3210 Human Resource Management for Hospitality Industry

HIM2301 Hotel Business Planning and Development

HIM2302 Food and Beverage Operation and Management

HIM2303 Marketing for Hotel Business

HIM2304 Front Office Operation and Management

HIM3305 Housekeeping Operation and Management

HIM3306 Banqueting and Catering Management

HIM3307 Accounting and Financial Management for Hotel Business

HIM3308  Restaurant and Kitchen Management

HIM3309 Research for Hotel Business

HIM3310 Seminar in Hospitality Trends

HIR2301 Food and Beverage Management

HIR2302 Food Hygiene and Workplace Safety Procedures

HIR2303 Cake and Pastries Preparation

HIR3304 Basic Techniques For Commercial Cookery

HIR3305 Restaurant Revenues and Costs Management

HIR3306 International and Thai Cuisine Preparation

HIR3307 Concept Design For a Major Event or Function

HIR3308 Kitchen Management and Operations

HIR3309 Food and Beverage Operations

HIR3310 Meeting and Catering Management

HIM2401 English for Hotel Business

HIM2402 MICE Management

HIM3403 Spa Management

HIM3404 Cruise Management

HIM3405 Special Event Management

HIM3406 Hotel Environmental Management

HIM3407 Home Stay and Budget Accommodation Management

HIM3408 Resort Management

HIM3409 International and Local Cuisine Management

HIM3410 Cruise Management

HIM3411 Marketing and Promotion of MICE

HIM3412 Art and Decoration in Hotel Business

HIM3413 Club and Bar Operation

HIR2401 Food Products Knowledge Development

HIR2402 Food Products Display and Presentation

HIR2403 Meals Design For Market Requirement

HIR2404 Menu Planning For Catering Business

HIR2405 Wine and Food Pairing

HIR3406 Breakfast and Sandwiches Preparation

HIR3407 Salads and Appetizers Preparation

HIR3408 Poultry and Meats Preparation and Cooking

HIR4409 Seminar in Restaurant Business

HIR4410 Bakery Products Preparation

HIR3411 Coffee Shop Management and Operation

HIR4412 Cocktail and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Preparation

HIR4413 Bar Facility Operation

HIR4414 Restaurant Business Relationship

HIR4415 Small Restaurant Projects Implementation

HIR4416 Seafood Preparation and Cooking

HIR4417 Thai Cooking Techniques

HIR4418 Thai Food for Banquets Preparation and Carving Arts

HIL1401 Japanese 1

HIL2402 Japanese 2

HIL2403 Japanese 3

HIL3404 Japanese 4

HIL3405 Japanese 5

HIL1406 Chinese 1

HIL2407 Chinese 2

HIL2408 Chinese 3

HIL3409 Chinese 4

HIL3410 Chinese 5

HIL1411 Russian 1

HIL2412 Russian 2

HIL2413 Russian 3

HIL3414 Russian 4

HIL3415 Russian 5

HIL1416 Bahasa Malaysia 1

HIL2417 Bahasa Malaysia 2

HIL2418 Bahasa Malaysia 3

HIL3419 Bahasa Malaysia 4

HIL3420 Bahasa Malaysia 5

HIL1421 Vietnamese 1

HIL2422 Vietnamese 2

HIL2423 Vietnamese 3

HIL3424 Vietnamese 4

HIL3425 Vietnamese 5

HIL1426 French 1

HIL2427 French 2

HIL3428 French 3

HIL3429 French 4

HIL3430 French 5

HHM4514 Preparation for Internship

HHM4515 Preparation Cooperative Education

HHM4516 Internship

HHM4517 Cooperative Education